Specialisation „Computer Networks”

Profession: "Computer Network Designer"


General brief information


The specialty is focused on the training of specialists in the field of computer networks.


The training includes the study of the main theoretical disciplines in the field of computer networks, as well as specialized courses for designing and maintaining computer networks.


Full information


See a complete description of the competencies for the "Computer Network Designer" profession: See HERE for full information in Bulgarian language (download file) 


Disciplines studied

In the "Computer Networks" course, college students study theoretical and practical subjects and hold an internship in the specialty.

Theoretical disciplines cover basic and specialized courses on:
Computer Architecture, Computer Peripherals, Computer Networking, Network Hardware, Network Design, Computer Networks, Computer Network Management, Network Security, Operating Systems, Introduction to Algorithms and Programming, Programming of C / C ++, Databases, Dynamic Internet Sites, Health and Safety, Information Technology, etc., General subjects of: Technology Entrepreneurship and Management, Economics, Fundamentals of Law and Internet Law, English language.


Practical subjects are related to designing, building, maintaining and managing computer networks, as well as building static and dynamic web sites.

English language training continues throughout the training course.

Additionally there is a possibility to create groups in a second foreign language (at an additional cost) in languages: business English, Italian, Spanish, German, French, Russian and Japanese.

Professional development


Upon completion of the course, colleges can have professional realisation as:

  - designers of computer networks

  - administrators of computer networks


More information


Duration: 2 years after secondary education.


Forms of training: regular, part-time and distance.


Regular form of education: The training is conducted in two semesters per year according to the weekly program.


Part-time training: The training is semi-final and is conducted on a pre-announced schedule.


Distant form of training: distance learning using the online information center and online exam center of Professional College of Business and Finance - Sofia.


Additional forms of training: Individual form of training and self-study.


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