Program of Education

Information about methods of education,

courses, major subjects and projects

 in Business & Finance College - Sofia, Bulgaria


Education is provided in teams according the method of education of the Colleges in the United Kingdom, that's why students who successfully graduate Business and Finance College recieve Diplom from English College and Univesity of National and World Economics in Sofia.

Each school-year every student is making 4 (four) projects connected with: registration, organization and management of a firm with different activities in the area of small and middle business.

In Business & Finance College the following subjects are tought:
accounting, finance, business communications, trade and civil law, economics and organization of the firm, management, management of human resources, tourism and PR advertising business, computer science, english and/or other foreign language, etc.

Each school-year every student has practical work at different companies in the field of small and middle business. Students are having their practical work in companies chosen by Business & Finance College Staff, but there is also possibility for students to find themselves the companies at which they would like to have their practical work done.  The practical work-experience finishes with practical project and evaluation of their knowledge for the work in the company and their experience in it.