Frequently Asked Questions

1. What programmes of education do you have for students after graduating High School?


Programmes of education:

"Entrepreneurship and Management"
"Computer networks"


2. What is the duration of education?

Duration of education is 2 years after graduating High School 

3. What is the form of education?

There is a full-time form of education for programmes:
"Entrepreneurship and Management"
"Computer networks" 
Lectures for full time form of education are provided every working day.

Part-time form of education:
"Entrepreneurship and Management"
"Computer networks" 
Lectures for part time form of education are provided every semester into certain periods

4. What is necessary for enrolment and when is enrolment taking place?

Aplpications for the new academic year are accepted all year round *till filling the places in the programmes of education.

Documents necessary for enroling in the college:
- High School Diplom
- Application form - In the college you receive a package of documents you have to fill in including your application form for studying in the college. In our web site ( there is a possibility to apply on-line during the enrolment period, but enrolment is possible only in your presense.

5. What does the education fee include?

Education fee includes:
1. Lectures, exercises, exams.
2. Using of computer lab, internet and technical applications;
3. Consultations.
4. Additional materials in the process of education.
5. Using of additional materials for self-preparation.
6. Using of the on-line informational centre of the college.

Preferences in paying of fees are available for:
а/ two or more candidates from one family;
b/ candidates with one live parent;
c/ candidates with no live parents;
d/ other specific cases;
e/ collegeans with excellent results (after first academic year).

Fees are paid, as follows:
1. Fee for first semester is paid when enroling in the college /there are two semesters in an academic year/;
2. The fee for spring semester is paid before the beginning of the spring semester or into two parts according the "Annual Education Calendar".

Fees for education for students remain unchanged for the second academic year.

6. Who may participate in the international programmes and projects?

All students who have sufficiently high level of spoken and written English may apply in the international programmes and projects.

7. Graduation and further education possibilities

а/ The students successfully graduated Business & Finance College - Sofia, Bulgaria receive IV level of professional qualification with profession "Company manager" (according their programme of education)

b/ The students who have successfully graduated the college may continue their education for bachelor degree in New Bulgarian University directly from fifth semester (third academic year) after taking the compulsory addmission's T.O.P. test.