Course of education

The course of education - 1st and 2nd year gives you the opportunity to gain professional qualification in profession of 4th degree of education according the National educational program. Education is implemented by an English methodology, including:

  • Students are divided into groups.
  • Each school-year every student develops 4 projects in the fields of: registration, organization and management of small and medium enterprises with different activities.
  • At the end of each school-year the students have practical work in different companies.
  • The education concludes with state exams.

"Entrepreneurship and Management"
"Computer networks"

Duration of training: 2 years post-secondary education.

Successful graduates may continue their education in fifth semester / third year / in the New Bulgarian University of specialties in the field of Economics.


Forms of education

Full-time form of education for specializations:

"Entrepreneurship and Management"
"Computer networks"

Courses are divided  into two semesters per year.

 Half-time education for:

"Entrepreneurship and Management"
 "Computer networks" 

Courses are divided into four parts, each semester.

Currently education is in Bulgarian language.