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Welcome to the official web site of Professional College "Business & Finance" - Sofia!




The College was established in 2000 year and already more than 10 years we successfully educate young people in the sphere of Entrepreneurship and Management, continuously updating our educational programs and specialities in relation to the up-to-date requirements towards education from business environment.


Education in implemented using an English system of education, according to the European standards, which includes development of team work skills, soft business skills and team development of business projects, intensive education in English language and informational technologies, as well as participation in international programs and projects.


Our team of lecturers consists of eminent names in the field of professional education and qualification, habilitated lecturers from leading Bulagrian universities - SU, TU, UNWE, NBU.


Education is implemented according the modern educational requirements: up-to-date methodology of education, using of multimedia devices, online informational center with current support of adminitrative and educational information, etc.


The collegeans who successfully graduate the College have the opportunity to continue their education in fifth semester / third academin year/ in New Bulgarian University in the programmes in Department  of Economics, as well as in other higher ieducation institutions.


Our mission is to support the successful development of Bulgaria by education the future business leaders, managers and entrepreneurs of Bulagria and Europe!


State license:


Order of Ministry of Education, Youth and Science: № RD-14-166 on 01.08.2000/State newspaper № 68 from 18.08.2000

update and addition:  Order of Ministry of Education, Youth and Science № RD-14-67 on 01.06.2004/ State newspaper № 52 from 18.06.2004

update and addition: Order of Ministry of Education, Youth and Science  № RD-14-358 on 22.07.2008/ State newspaper № 71 from 12.08.2008

update and additionOrder of Ministry of Education, Youth and Science  № RD-14-79 on 30.06.2010/ State newspaper № 56 from 23.07.2010

update and additionOrder of Ministry of Education, Youth and Science  № RD-14-83 on 14.09.2011 State newspaper № 76 from 30.09.2011


 Duration of education: 2 years after graduating High school


Programmes of education:

"Entrepreneurship and Management"

"Computer networks"